The Swing Dance Cooperative

The mission of The Swing Dance Cooperative, Inc., is to educate the general public on the art of swing dancing, to listen, and to create a cooperative organization that respects the voices, the choices, and the lives of all people.

A fair marketplace

The cooperative’s purpose is to educate the general populace on fair and sustainable marketplaces, rooted in the value of labor, our time, and employee ownership.

Sustainable partnerships

The cooperative does not partner with any organization lead by a billionaire, nor with any organization having a market capitalization of over $100 billion. The cooperative does not partner with any organization related to the promotion of war, which includes nostalgic, “swing era” WWII events.

Representation matters

The cooperative acknowledges that swing music and dancing are African-American art forms, and makes every attempt to recruit and support African Americans in our community.

The cooperative acknowledges that swing dancing has supported unhealthy ideas on gender roles. We actively encourage and support individuals to dance (and live) in any consensual and comfortable manner.

Pathways to participation

The cooperative works to build ladders and support systems to help all people participate in our community. The role of each leader at the cooperative is to give away what they are able, responsibly, so that the next leaders can do the same.

Around the world

The cooperative aims to inspire others to copy us. We make it easy for organizations to duplicate – and be involved with – our success, and help all learn from our many failures.

Thank you

The Swing Dance Cooperative
Olympia, Washington.